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O’ Christmas Tree!

Season’s Greetings to all of you! It’s hard to believe that it is only 10 days away from Christmas! Where did the time go? It’s a blink of an eye and December is flying by! I know by now most of you have your Christmas tree and mantel all decorated, but I thought I will share with you my sister, Joanne’s, bird-theme Christmas tree!

It’s definitely eye-candy! I even dare to say that it’s the type of Christmas tree that you find in a Pottery Barn catalog! Lucky for me, Joanne is willing to share her expertise on how to decorate a magazine -worthy Christmas tree, so both you and I can have one too! If that’s not on your wish list, that’s ok! It’s nice to just look too!

To start, you’ll need to assemble your tree and fluff out the branches. This is the part I hate the most. My hands and arms always get scratched up in this process. Every year I tell myself to buy and wear gloves prior to assembly, but I never do.

Joanne had purchased her 9 foot tall 44 inch slim pre-lit tree at Canadian Tire to accommodate for the lack of space.  Here is the link to her exact tree. I really like Canadian Tire’s selection of Christmas trees.  They have all sorts of colour and sizes.  Some of them look so real!

If your tree is not pre-lit, you’ll need to start by hanging Christmas lights. I personally like to give my tree depth by running the lights from the inside out starting at the top of the tree and working down. Make sure to wrap the lights around the major branches.

The next step is to add the ribbon on the tree. Adding the ribbon before the ornaments allows you to work freely without the worry of knocking down the ornaments. It is best to use wire ribbons so that you can “tuck” and work the ribbon into the tree. Joanne simply “tucked” her ribbon by sliding it behind a fir branch to hold it in place. She started at the top by wrapping the ribboned wire around a top branch while zig-zagging all the way down. When she reached the bottom of the tree, she started working her way up diagonally, or wherever she thought it looked best. For this particular look, Joanne layered different style of ribbons. She used a solid pale gold and a matching sheer lace ribbon to give the tree texture without going overboard with too many colours, and occasionally cris-crossing the two different ribbons. She used 3 rolls of the pale gold, and 4 rolls of the lace ribbon. Depending on how “full” you want your tree to look, you can actually do bigger loops – this will probably save you a roll or two of ribbon.

 Working downward and diagonally, Joanne lightly draped a garland to add another layer to the tree. To keep with the theme of her Christmas tree she picked a woodsy “feel” garland.

Hang the ornaments where there is space. As a general rule of thumb, starting with the larger ornaments first, such as the pointsettas, and move to the smaller ornaments. If you have a wider tree, I would encourage you to give the tree depth by placing some of the ornaments within the tree. It is always fun for the children when they see a little squrriel or bird nestled in the branches. It’s like playing hide-and-seek.

Joanne had said that she had bought her collection of ornaments from several stores, such as, Michaels, The Bay, and my personal favourite, the dollar stores. Some ideas for a bird-theme Christmas tree are pinecones, berries, birdhouses, and of course, birds such as doves, owls, and robins. Remember to keep the colours uniform to give it a more cohesive look!

Step back and admire your handiwork. You now have a Christmas tree that people will wow and awe over! Enjoy the Holiday Season!


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    1. So funny! I should thank you for sharing your beautiful tree! It makes me want to rip down my own and start all over! Hugs, Jei

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