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5 Fun-Filled and Free Family Activities in the Snow

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, where is it to be found?” -J.B. Priestly

 The world becomes a different place when it snows. I have forgotten how enchanting snow is until I was seeing it through the eyes of my children. Here in Greater Vancouver we don’t often get snow “sticking” to the ground.  It’s usually a light dusting or it melts immediately it touches ground. But this year is different.  Winter hit us with so much snow that salt became a hot commodity! 

I will never forget the joy in my kids eyes when they woke up and they discovered it snowed! I can sense their excitement! They just cannot wait to get dress and head out into the white wonderland paradise! It made me remember the joys I experienced as a child on snowy days.

Growing up in Calgary, I remember all the fun my brother and sister use to have on snow days. I remember bundling up in our snowsuit, toques and earmuffs, and heading out to our backyard in knee high snow to build snowmen and forts. I remember having snowball fights and sledding competitions on the hill behind our home. I remember our neighbors working together to make an ice rink for all the children to enjoy at the park across the street. I remember learning how to skate at Bowness Park and having a sore tush at the end of the day!

Even though I have so many fond memories with the snow it took quite a bit of convincing from my son to actually get me out the door. I made a lot of excuses to stay indoors where it is warm and toasty. But later I realize that there may not be a next time. The right time is now. How often do we get thick snow here in Vancouver? So I bundled all of us up, made some hot chocolate and we went outside to enjoy the fresh air. Here are our 5 fun-filled and free activities on a snowy day:

Build a Fort or a Snowman


Have an hour or two to spare? There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you work together to complete a snow fort or snowman for all to enjoy. Who do you think worked harder on making this fort? Yup! My son! Check out his happy smile!

Go sledding

Let your carefree spirit unleash as  you slide down the slippery slope! Lots of giggles and laughter filled the air! It’s also a great workout climbing up the hill. Don’t have a sled. No worries!  A garbage bag works just as well!

Snowball Fight

Practice your pitch and have a friendly snowball fight. You’ll burn good calories running in the snow. 

Make Snow Angels


So simple but kids enjoy it!  If you have some food coloring, water and squirt bottle, you can make snow paint and decorate your snow angel as well!

Go for a walk


Check the newspaper and see if your city has some free light displays.  Having the snow, blanket the ground, makes it so much more beautiful! Here in Vancouver we have several to enjoy. Bright Lights at Stanley Park, Burnaby Village Museum, Coquitlam’s Lafarge Park, are just a few of them.  Or take a walk during the day and enjoy the view. I love looking at the snow-capped mountain top and snow-frosted trees. It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

What are some of your memories of snowy day? Did your kids enjoy playing in the snow? I hope I inspires you to bundle up and enjoy what the snow has to offer!


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