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So it looks like Vancouver got another dump of snow this year! When I wrote the post on  “How to Make Paper Snowflakes” I reminisce about Calgary’s winter and I’m afraid I got what I asked for!  I’m so sorry for all the Vancouverites who do not like snow. But if you just take a moment and look outside, doesn’t the snow just make the scenery look so stunningly beautiful? 

My kids are just having a fantastic time playing in the snow. If you have read 5 Fun-Filled and Free Family Activities in the Snow, you will know that my kids love snow.  At the sight of snow, they will layer themselves up from head to toe and out they go! This weekend they spend the majority of Saturday playing outside with the neighborhood kids.  You can hear laughter of the children throughout the block.

But what if you and your child are not a lover of outdoor or the snow? Well, here’s a little cute activity that both adult and children can do together inside your warm and toasty home.  Check out these adorable “clay”ariums. 

I have always wanted a terrarium, such as the one shown on the left but because I lack a green thumb perhaps a “clay”arium will be a better bet.  Not only do I not have to take care of it but it also is a great way of displaying my kids’ wonderful clay or playdough moldings.  

That’s right!  I’m that proud mama that enjoys showing off my kids’ work!  If you have been to my home, you’ll see a whole wall that is devoted to my kids’ art and school work. 

For the “Clay”arium you will need a few basic and inexpensive supplies which all can be found at Michaels Art and Craft Store, Dollar Store or Thrift Store:

  • A glass jar or bowl
  • Playdough, Modelling clay or Fondant (Basically any material that you can mold). For our projects we used fondant.
  • Filler to enhance the theme of moldings (eg. rocks, feathers, straw etc)

My son made two little turtles lugging apples on their back. Why turtles and apples? I don’t know. He just wanted to mold turtles and apples that morning. But they look so charming when I place them in a glass bowl filled with tiny seashells. The tiny seashells were originally a Hawaiian lei that was given free to Alan and I when we arrived at the Maui airport MANY years ago on our honeymoon. 

My daughter and I made little birds to welcome spring. For the birds, I placed them in a bed of paper straw that is suppose to represent a nest.  To make the paper straws, I just fed some paper through the paper shredder. Since our family have 4 members, I decided that this “clay”arium will also represent our family. 

One of my best friend, Casey, was here too! Casey gave us a tutorial on how to mold the birds which you can read about here. She’s amazing with molding figurines. Check out this cute Santa Claus that she made out of fondant. Isn’t he just adorable? I have zero creativity when it comes to clay molding. Without her guidance I will be completely lost.

They also make an awesome inexpensive; yet, personal and thoughtful gift for kids. One of my friends made a “feather” dome for my daughter. I was so impress with the creativity of the gift. The figures are molded with molding clay. Like most children, my kids love Pokemon, so my daughter was quite ecstatic to receive this gift. The “feather”dome features a girl (my daughter) reading a book to 3 Pokemon characters – Pikachu, Eevee and Bulbasaur.  So cool! 

I hope this post inspires you to build your own “clay”arium! Have fun!




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6 thoughts on ““Clay”arium

  1. Great job to your kids! The turtles and birds are super cute!

    I liked how you used shredded paper to make the nest, it works really well, and the sea shells are a nice touch!

    1. Thanks Jason! I’ll be sure to tell my children so. They will be so happy to hear that someone else other than me and my husband appreciate their creativity! Thanks for liking our “clay”arium! Smiles, Lil

  2. Hi Lilian! This activity is absolutely adorable! What’s also great is that this is perfect for all ages and really lets the creative juices flow πŸ™‚ It just snowed a bunch last night into the morning where I live and I want to add this to the list of what I want to do while staying cozy and warm inside. Your kids are the cutest as well and I’d love to continue seeing where your blogging journey takes you! Thank you for dropping by btw!! πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks Morgan for visiting my blog and for thinking my kids are cute! πŸ˜„ I’m looking forward to seeing where your blogging journey will take you as well! Keep in touch! Smiles, Lil

    1. Hi Angela! I’m glad that my post inspire you to create a “Clay”arium with your daughter. I’m sure it will look fabulous! Thanks for stopping by! It nice to see you out n’ about in the blogoshpere after your surgery. I’ll still continue to pray for you.

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