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Desperately Needing a Drop Zone

This week I am going to do the unthinkable and welcome you to a small part of my home. I’m going to let you peek into our kitchen nook!

Alan and I believe this home is God’s blessing to us. We are ever so grateful for everything God has provided for us. Through the purchase of this home, we actually evaded some serious danger. One of them is a plane crash! Yup! You read that right! Do you recall back in 2007 when a plane had crashed into an apartment building in Richmond, British Columbia? Well,  Alan and I lived in that actual apartment on the 14th floor.  And just in case you don’t remember, you can read about the unfortunate event here.

Throughout our lifetime, Alan and I see over and over again how God has pulled through for us. The plane crash is just one of the many many events that God has protected us. What a wonderful Father we have! We praise God for His wonderful timing in the purchase of our home and for His wonderful protection over us!

Although we love our home, there are some limitations to the house. One of the area that needs to be worked on is the kitchen nook. As you can see, it’s an area of high traffic as it is caught in between a pathway that leads to a tiny laundry/mud room which leads to the garage and also a doorway that is in constant use, several times a day. Sorry! I don’t have a before picture. Inexperience blogger!

The problem with all these doorways is there’s no drop zone. No! I don’t mean drop zone as in parachuting. I mean drop zone as in a place where we can just come in and drop our phones, keys, bags, and gear as we enter the house. What usually happens is, we stuff all our backpacks, bags and purses under the opening of my little command center as you can see here.  I can’t even fit a chair to sit down!

As you can imagine, I’m not commanding very much at this command center (which may be a good thing). The table top is cluttered up with purses, keys, school binders, mail and school notices. I need to reclaim the space!

When it comes to furniture shopping, I usually like to look for old stuff that I can refurbish from craigslist or the thrift store.  I think it is a great way to reducing our carbon footprint and it’s also cost effective. In most cases, older furniture is also built with better quality material rather than inexpensive plywood, which is an added bonus! Do you see the table in our nook? My mother-in-law actually found this piece sitting on the corner of a sidewalk on garbage day. It was in very BAD shape but had potential. The table was built with solid oak. I sanded the piece down, re-stained and painted it and the table is now looking pretty good in my nook!

I didn’t have much success looking for a cabinet that will fit that space through craigslist or the the thrift store. The truth is, the nook is very tight in space. I needed something that was big enough to house all of our bags, yet slim enough that we can still walk around the table without bruising ourselves.  The Ikea’s Hemnes  shoe cabinet, being only 12 inches in depth, is fit perfectly for the space. As you can see below, although the cabinet is quite slim, it still manage to hold quite a few items in one compartment.

Do you see the little plaque on the wall on the right, by the door? It’s a hand-me-down from my aunt. Not only is it cute to look at, it also doubles as a key holder.

To brighten up the space we added the Ikea’s Stockholm mirror to help reflect light. I love it that it’s right by the door. Before I leave the house I just take a quick look to make sure I don’t have food caught in my teeth!

Remember my post on  “Clay”arium?  I mentioned that we dedicated a wall to showcase all of our kids’ artwork. Well, here it is!

Every July we clean up the artwork and start fresh for the new school year in September. Someday when the kids no longer bring home their paintings or drawings from school,  I will like to replace it with a beautiful China cabinet. But for now, it’s my kids’ art gallery and a home for our pet rabbit, Coral. See all those newspaper piled up  in the left  corner? We use them to line Coral’s cage. Isn’t Coral just the most adorable bunny?

Remember the cluttered up command center? It’s looking much better. What will make it perfect is if the cabinets were white! One day, I’ll muster up enough courage to tackle painting the kitchen cabinets.  But for now, I’ll just dream…


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10 thoughts on “Desperately Needing a Drop Zone

  1. I love your idea Lil! I feel terrible when I saw the desk at my kitchen nook and was relieved to see similar situation in one of your old pictures. I so need to copy your idea!!!!

    1. Thanks Monica! Keeping a place neat and tidy becomes a challenge when you have kids, a husband and a bunny! But so far, the kitchen nook and my command center is looking pretty good. Still need to work on other areas of the house though… Thanks for stopping by!

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