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Enjoying the Little Things: My Flashlight Collection

Hello there! This week, Lil is busy attending a conference so she had asked me to do a feature guest post on her blog. I asked her what should I write about and she responded ” Whatever your heart desires…”. After careful consideration, I think I should post about something dear to me… flashlights.

I can feel Mrs. Lil rolling her eyes every time she ask me what I want for Christmas, Father’s Day, or birthday.  She already knows the answer but she’ll asks anyways.  “A flashlight!”, I exclaim.  Everything else I can buy for myself but it is increasingly difficult to justify another flashlight.  Besides, I already have enough shirts and ties!

It’s hard to pinpoint were the obsession began.  It was more than likely the time when I was four when there was a power outage and a tornado came close to the house. I remember the change in the colour of the sky, the rumbling sounds, and the shaking of the house. It was the glow of the light that calmed me in the storm.  

What has helped me since has been my motto: do not to be anxious but be prepared. This had been applicable for the tests at school, presentations at work, and that big earthquake that is yet to come.  My kids were watching the news and were scared when there was concern for the big one.  That’s when got them involved in preparing their emergency bags including the two flashlights in each of their kits.  

I have had a lot of flashlights over the years, but none of those can compare to the newest LED light.  The LED bulb rarely dies unless there is problem with the switch or there is an alkaline battery leak.  I store the flashlights empty if they are not to be used for some time such as the ones in the emergency kits.   They can also be found stashed in ‘strategic’ areas of the house.

Large flashlights such as the ones that use C or D cells are generally brighter but will be prohibitive to having it with you all the time.  I have also found that smaller flashlights that use AAA or smaller batteries are less efficient and may not provide adequate amount of light or run time.  These batteries are also generally more expensive as well.

In my opinion, AA flashlights are better.  The battery size is more popular and more economical to run than the C, D, and AAA sizes, unless you use rechargeable batteries.  This battery platform is favoured by the more experienced disaster prepper because of their popularity and they would be more easily found.  I also have AA lanterns for area lighting for those extended powder outages.

So which flashlight is my all time favourite?
For now, it is the light I just bought Mrs. Lil, the Fenix pd32 2016 model.  It uses 18650 lithium rechargeable battery which has the power of 4 AA batteries.    It has a narrow beam that makes it focused for distance, has a nicely spaced  5-levels of brightness and is also small enough to have with you all the time.  Although small, it is also impact-resistant, has great durability, and is waterproof  for those great family outdoor adventures. Mrs. Lil has found it extremely useful for hiking as she does not need to pack extra batteries as the run time on its’ dimmest mode is more than 260 hours. 

Do I still buy the department store specials? 

For my children, yes! They are cheap and can be easily replaced when the item gets lost or damage. I prefer the ones that take AA batteries because the batteries are more cost-effective to run.

Why not the Fenix pd32 for my kids since they are so durable and reliable?  
I do not recommend any flashlights utilizing lithium batteries for children for fear of them taking the flashlight apart and playing with the battery.  There have been reports of lithium batteries causing fires and burns when used improperly. There is  also concern for children swallowing the small button style batteries.   

If you are looking for a light that is small enough to have with you for every day carry, is super bright, and  you can rely on to work when walking through a dark alleyway, you might consider spending a little more.  Maybe as Father’s day gift. (Hint hint.)

Recently Lil has asked me to tidy up all the flashlights so they are not squirreled everywhere in the house.  So I boxed up some old teacups and found a great place to store them.

She’s right! This does look better!

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Enjoying the Little Things: My Flashlight Collection

  1. Brilliant! Enlightening! I would like to ask if you have any experience with boats, fishing rods and tackle, knives, and/or bikes? But please don’t do other topics. It is too expensive for me… I am now saving up for a Fenix pd32. Thanks always for the good advice!

  2. Hi Guys!

    Just reading your blog again about the flashlights. I will go out and get another flashlight.

    keep up the good work with the blog. Always looking forward to it.

    Next blog….camping??

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