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Xplore Canada’s National Parks

Occasionally something so good comes along that I am so happy to have this platform to share the goodness with everyone!

This year marks Canada’s 150th Birthday and to celebrate this special occasion Canada is offering a FREE discovery pass to all its National Parks! You can order your discovery pass here and it will come straight to your door, or you can pick up a pass at any CIBC Banking Centre  or MEC from now until August 2017! To top it off, you don’t even have to be a Canadian citizen to obtain the Discovery Pass! It’s available to EVERYONE!

With the ease in obtaining a pass, every family should have one. The pass allows for free admission to national marine conservation, historical site and national parks that are operated by Parks Canada. You only need ONE pass for your group or family if you are all travelling together. As per the Government of Canada website, a 2017 Discovery Pass is valid for everyone arriving in the same vehicle at a national park, or arriving together as a group or family at a marine conservation area or historic site. 

With the free discovery pass there is no excuse to not visit some of Canada’s most beautiful parks and learn more of Canada’s history and marine ecosystems. As Canadians, we are so blessed to be living in a country that is so rich in natural beauty! So head out and enjoy the great outdoors!

This spring break, although we had a lot of rain, we took the kids to Fort Langley National Historic Site and we discovered another FREE good thing that I have to share with all of you! If you have kids from age 6-12, Parks Canada runs a great educational and fun program called Parks Canada Xplorers Program. When you arrive at the gates or visitor centre simply ask if they have the Xplorers Program for your kids. They will provide a booklet of approximately 12-16 pages to each of the kids and a brief explanation of what is required of them. The booklet is designed to help your kids discover interesting facts as they complete each mission. The best part is, it is custom to that specific park and consists of various hands-on activities that educates the kids all about the history, geography and traditional practices of the Aboriginal or Early settlers in that location. It’s a win-win situation! The kids have fun and they are educated at the same time!

Kids picking up the Xplorer Booklet from Visitor Information Centre

After completing the booklet, return to the park entrance gate and show one of the park personnel that you have finished the mission. If everything is correct and in place,  you will receive a special certificate and a Parks Canada souvenir for FREE! So far, my kids (and my husband) collected one! We’re planning to collect a few more this summer as we take advantage of the Discovery Pass! We hope you join us on the quest too!

You can find out which Parks offers the Xplorer program by clicking here

Happy Exploring! 



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8 thoughts on “Xplore Canada’s National Parks

  1. Ooh thank you for this! I am planning to move to Vancouver in June *squee* so I have signed up for this pass. I cannot wait to explore some of Canada’s Parks!

    1. Hi Josy! Glad to have you stumble into my corner of the web and I’m happy to meet a future Vancouverite! May you have MANY great adventures this summer exploring some of Canada’s most beautiful parks! I’m looking forward to reading your adventures on your blog!

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