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Easter Bunny Pancake Recipe

Easter is on it’s way! It’s my favorite holiday because it celebrates God’s unconditional love and Jesus’ victory in conquering death on the cross! Through Jesus’ resurrection, I am no longer a slave to my sins but free from the laws of sin and death, and worthy to be called a child of God! As… Continue reading Easter Bunny Pancake Recipe

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A visit to Vancouver is never complete without eating at a Japanese restaurant. Last week, a few of my friends trekked their way over to beautiful Van City.¬†We decide to end their trip by taking them to Suika, a popular Japanese Izakaya Restaurant, located on West Broadway. Izakaya are Japanese bars that specializes in a… Continue reading Suika

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Creamy Potato Salad

My friend, Nikole, shared this potato salad recipe with me and it quickly became one of my favorite dish to bring to picnics, BBQs and potlucks. It’s a nice cool and refreshing dish to serve during summer but also a perfect side dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. This potato salad recipe is best made… Continue reading Creamy Potato Salad

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Wine Tasting 101: Wine-Food Pairing

Part 2: Wine -Food Pairing In the previous post I discussed how wine glasses are uniquely shaped to alter the wine’s taste and aroma, therefore, changing our experience and even our enjoyment with the wine.  If you haven’t read the article, you can read it here. It is definitely an informative post for those who… Continue reading Wine Tasting 101: Wine-Food Pairing

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Wine Tasting 101: Glassware

Part 1: Does wine glass matter? Earlier this month I had the opportunity to experience wine glass tasting at Pacific Breeze Urban Winery at New Westminster, British Columbia. It was such a fun and enlightening evening that I feel I just have to share it!   Have you ever wonder what type of glassware you… Continue reading Wine Tasting 101: Glassware

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Irresistible Pumpkin Snickerdoodles Recipe

Mmmm….It’s so good! I am not exaggerating when I say that these are the best snickerdoodles that I have EVER tasted. Once you try them, you’ll be craving for them! They require a bit of wait time but the taste of these snickerdoodles will NOT disappoint you. You will be surprise at how easy these… Continue reading Irresistible Pumpkin Snickerdoodles Recipe